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Foam Dressing

Optifoam Gentle SA Silicon Faced Foam

Highly conformable silicone dressing provides gentle adhesion but can be lifted and reapplied.

Moisture vapor transmission rate adjusts to fluid level to increase breathability.

Super absorbent core absorbs exudate, converts it into gel and locks it away.

Low profile design increases flexibility and comfort Box of 10 dressings.

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Step 1

Remove dressing from package. Remove one piece of the release liner.


Step 2

Place dressing on he wound and remove the other release liner.


Step 3

Gently secure the dressing to the skin.


Transparent Dressing

Suresite Window Transparent Film Dressing

The Medline Suresite Transparent Window Film Dressing is a practical dressing for viewing of the healing process or visualization of surgical incisions made.

The dressing gives a visual representation through the transparent film, the window is for you or your caretaker to keep track of progress, watch out for infections or similar scenarios that require a close eye to be kept on your progress.

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Easy to Use

Transparent for easy wound viewing.



Low-profile design increases flexibility and comfort.


Lasts 1 Week

May be left in place for up to 7 days; dressing change frequency will depend on amount of drainage.


Alginate Dressing

Maxorb Extra Ag+ CMC Alginate Dressings

Medline Maxorb Extra Ag Silver Alginate Antimicrobial Sheet Wound Dressing is used for moderate to heavily draining wounds. It is a highly absorbent dressing that provides an antibacterial barrier to combat the bacteria absorbed in the wound exudate.

CMC fiber present improves vertical wicking, fluid-handling ability as well as wet strength. Wound exudate mixes with the dressing and forms a gel that will not wick out, reducing the potential for damage to the peri-wound skin.

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Highly Absorbent

Maxorb Extra Ag+ absorbs more than other alginate or absorbent silver dressings.


Fluid Doesn't Wick Laterally

Wound exudate mixes with dressing to form a gel that will not wick out.


Reduces Odor

By providing an antibacterial barrier to combat bacteria in the wound exudate, odor is reduced.


Gentle Adhesion

3M Micropore Surgical Tape

50 years ago, 3M introduced the industry's first hypoallergenic, breathable tape, a true breakthrough for patient safety and comfort.

Today, 3M Micropore family of surgical tapes remain the #1 brand of surgical tapes globally. Micropore paper tapes:

  • Offer gentle adhesion for at risk skin
  • Are conformable and highly breathable
  • Reliably secures dressings and devices to skin
  • Are hypoallergenic and latex-free

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Super Absorbent

Medline Sterile Abdominal Pads

Sterile pad with extra absorbency and wicking to handle heavily draining wounds.

Soft, non-woven outer layer quickly wicks fluid to a cellulose center, helping to keep the wound dry.

Highly absorbent cellulose quickly absorbs and disperses fluids to prevent pooling.

Hydrophobic back helps prevent strike-through with sealed edges prevent linting.

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Wound Cleanser

Cleanses & Moistens

Prophase Wound Cleanser

Prophase Wound Cleanser is a non-toxic, non-sensitizing wound cleanser that is non-irritating to the skin. It contains PHMB as a preservative and is well-known for its broad spectrum antimicrobial/antiseptic properties with no known resistances.

Meant to cleanse, moisten and aid in debridement

  • Cleanses, moistens and aids in debridement
  • Removes microorganisms and debris
  • Helps reduce the risk of cross contamination

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How does Negative Pressure Wound Therapy work?

Negative pressure wound therapy uses suction, tubing, and wound dressing to remove excess exudate and any infectious material that may be present in the wound. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, also called "wound vac" or "NPWT," provides an ideal and clean environment to promote wound healing in acute or chronic wounds and second- and third-degree burns.

Offering significant clinical benefits for large, chronic wounds and acute, complicated wounds, negative pressure wound therapy is used by healthcare teams and wound care specialists to support faster wound healing.

Invia Motion

Therapy Confidence Made Simple

Invia Liberty NPWT System

Invia Liberty delivers therapy confidence by intelligently controlling set pressure at the wound site.

The pump dynamically adapts the air flow cycle to both volume and viscosity of the fluid in the tubing to optimize exudate removal.

Intuitive and quiet pump operation fully integrates into the patient's daily life, while patient comfort and mobility are facilitated by Invia Liberty's compact design and convenient carrying case.


Personal-Pump convenience with reusable pump performance

Invia Motion NPWT System

The compact design and quiet operation helps patients to comfortably go about daily activities for the duration of negative wound therapy.

The performance of the Invia Motion compares to reusable pumps: With a double lumen tubing design from the pump to the wound, the pump actively controls the set pressure at the wound site.

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